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 Shamokin Township Ordinances

To read these ordinances, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  This is a free download from Adobe.  Use the link on the right to visit the Adobe website and download the appropriate version of Acrobat Reader for your computer.


Earned income Tax Ordinance1965-1Ordinances7/22/2011 3:10 PM553 KB
Realty Transfer Tax1965-2Ordinances7/22/2011 3:11 PM245 KB
Per Capita Tax1968-1Ordinances7/22/2011 3:14 PM29 KB
Occupational Privilege Tax1969-1Ordinances7/26/2011 7:35 PM231 KB
Building Permits1974-1Ordinances7/26/2011 7:38 PM150 KB
Public Street Opening Permits1974-2Ordinances7/26/2011 7:38 PM60 KB
Sewage Facilities Permits1975-1Ordinances7/26/2011 7:39 PM82 KB
Road Drainage1975-2Ordinances7/26/2011 7:40 PM86 KB
Per Capita & OPT Taxes1976-1Ordinances7/26/2011 7:41 PM48 KB
Sewage Permit Fees1977-1Ordinances7/26/2011 7:42 PM69 KB
Tax Collection Discounts & Penalties1977-2Ordinances7/26/2011 7:43 PM27 KB
Road Construction & Drainage1979-1Ordinances7/26/2011 7:44 PM73 KB
Sewage Fees & Permits1981-1Ordinances7/26/2011 7:45 PM80 KB
Building Permit Ordinance1981-2Ordinances8/1/2011 7:30 PM811 KB
Business Privilege Tax1982-1Ordinances8/1/2011 7:31 PM502 KB
Supervisor Pay Rate Ordinance1985-1Ordinances8/1/2011 7:32 PM61 KB
Driveway Ordinance1986-1Ordinances8/1/2011 7:32 PM416 KB
PLGIT Ordinance1988-1Ordinances8/2/2011 5:35 PM83 KB
Building Permit Fees1989-1Ordinances8/2/2011 5:35 PM35 KB
Flood Plain Ordinance1990-1Ordinances8/2/2011 5:36 PM84 KB
Cable TV Franchise Ordinance1990-2Ordinances8/2/2011 5:37 PM302 KB
Municipal Waste Management Ordinance1991-2Ordinances9/6/2011 8:08 PM9400 KB
Holding Tank Ordinance1991-3Ordinances9/6/2011 8:10 PM7490 KB
Sewage Disposal Facilities Ordinance1992-3Ordinances9/11/2011 2:36 PM444 KB
Fire Losses-Insurance Co1993-1Ordinances9/12/2011 8:06 PM138 KB
Municipal Authority Incorporation1993-2Ordinances9/12/2011 8:07 PM71 KB
Municipal Authority Incorporation1993-3Ordinances9/12/2011 8:09 PM143 KB
PENNVEST Note1993-8Ordinances9/12/2011 8:12 PM115 KB
Traffic Regulations Ordinance1994-1Ordinances9/12/2011 8:13 PM239 KB
Fire Losses-Insurance Co.1995-1Ordinances9/12/2011 8:14 PM202 KB
Sewage Systems Ordinance1995-2Ordinances9/18/2011 6:35 PM236 KB
Municipal Authority Right of Way1995-3Ordinances9/18/2011 6:35 PM97 KB
Municipal Authority Agreement1995-4Ordinances9/18/2011 6:36 PM101 KB
Municipal Authority Bond1995-5Ordinances9/19/2011 10:24 PM362 KB
Supervisor Compensation1995-6Ordinances9/18/2011 6:37 PM30 KB
Driveway Ordinance1996-1Ordinances9/18/2011 6:37 PM185 KB
Sewage Permit Fees1996-2Ordinances9/19/2011 10:24 PM33 KB
Building Permit Fees1997-1Ordinances9/19/2011 10:25 PM58 KB
Sanitary Sewage System1997-2Ordinances9/19/2011 10:26 PM168 KB
Housing and Rental Ordinance1998-1Ordinances9/19/2011 10:26 PM203 KB
Fees for Building and Driveway Permits1999-1Ordinances9/19/2011 10:27 PM68 KB
Supervisor Pay1999-2Ordinances9/19/2011 10:27 PM42 KB
Speed Limits on Larch & Old Reading2000-1Ordinances7/2/2009 3:05 PM753 KB
Driveway Permits-Amendment 2000-2Ordinances7/2/2009 3:05 PM77 KB
Deliquent Tax Collector2001-1Ordinances9/20/2011 5:48 PM35 KB
Council of Government Ordinance2002-1Ordinances9/20/2011 5:49 PM30 KB
Uniform Construction Code Ordinance2004-1Ordinances9/20/2011 5:50 PM83 KB
Uniform Construction Code Ordinance 2004-2Ordinances9/25/2011 10:25 AM84 KB
Nuisance Ordinance2005-1Ordinances9/20/2011 5:51 PM189 KB
Sewage Permit Fees2006-1Ordinances9/20/2011 5:52 PM78 KB
Realty Transfer Tax Ordinance2006-2Ordinances9/20/2011 5:52 PM62 KB
Speed Limit Signs 2008-1Ordinances7/2/2009 3:05 PM783 KB
Council of Governments 2008-2Ordinances7/2/2009 3:05 PM365 KB
Nuisance Ordinance 2008-3Ordinances7/2/2009 3:05 PM3714 KB
Flood Plain 2008-4Ordinances7/2/2009 3:05 PM13553 KB
Supervisor Pay2008-5Ordinances8/11/2011 5:42 PM37 KB
Non-Uniform Pension Plan2008-6Ordinances2/5/2014 10:29 AM1888 KB
Nuisance/Junk Ordinance2009-1Ordinances8/14/2011 9:23 AM184 KB
Adams Park Road Sewer Ordinance2010-1Ordinances8/14/2011 9:25 AM218 KB
Non-Uniform Pension Plan2011-1Ordinances8/14/2011 9:26 AM67 KB
Uniform Construction Code Appeals Board2011-2Ordinances8/14/2011 9:27 AM57 KB
Conservation District Memo of Understanding2012-1Ordinances2/13/2012 7:34 PM242 KB
Driveway Ordinance Amendment to Drainage2013-1Ordinances8/24/2013 8:55 PM2396 KB
PSATS Unemployment Group Trust 2015-1Ordinances1/10/2015 8:28 PM883 KB
PA Townships Health Insurance Cooperative Trust2015-2Ordinances1/10/2015 8:32 PM989 KB
Vacation of Rose Road2015-3Ordinances5/15/2016 3:32 PM597 KB
Intergovernmental Agreement2017-1Ordinances1/7/2018 5:39 PM1812 KB
Volunteer Tax Credit Program-2017-2Ordinances1/7/2018 6:05 PM1096 KB
Administrative Building Permit2018-1Ordinances1/7/2018 5:41 PM1291 KB
Duplicate Tax Bill Fee2018-2Ordinances2/18/2018 5:31 PM197 KB
Emergency Operations PlanOrdinance 2016-1Ordinances5/15/2016 3:13 PM1923 KB